3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Today

3 Ways to Boost Your Immune System Today

In a suburb of Seattle we have a couple of cases of the virus show up a few miles away, my child’s school is closed, impacting my wife’s ability to work at the school. In downtown Seattle businesses are closing left and right. I was enjoying a light commute until my employer also closed the doors for the next several weeks. We are washing and sanitizing our hands so much that now I have cracked dry palms begging for any kind of moisture.

Yet with all of this preparation, with all of the guidance and warnings, it seems as though many have missed a critical, if not THE most critical preventive measure all of us should be taking. That is, to do everything possible to boost our immune systems.

The human body is amazing. Our immune system was designed to fight off all sorts of gnarly bugs. But like anything in the human body, our immune system can grow strong or weak depending on many external and internal factors. No I am not a doctor, nor am I an expert in immunology. I am just a husband and father trying to both understand what’s going on as well as figure out how to best protect myself and my family.

Take a look at what the National Institute of Health has to say regarding your immune system and Vitamin C, as an example:

"Due to its function as an antioxidant and its role in immune function, vitamin C has been promoted as a means to help prevent and/or treat numerous health conditions."

And take a look at what Oregon State University, Linus Pauling Institute has to say about the immune system:

"Vitamin C affects several components of the human immune system...It is widely thought by the general public that vitamin C boosts immune function, yet human studies published to date are conflicting. Disparate results are likely due to study design issues, often linked to a lack of understanding of vitamin C pharmacokinetics and requirements. Vitamin C increases the bioavailability of iron from foods by enhancing intestinal absorption of non-heme iron."

 So with that, here are three ways you can boost your immune system today:

  1. Drink in moderation, don't smoke, and exercise regularly,
  2. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables,
  3. Augment your diet with supplements that fill the immune boosting gaps left behind by the food you eat.

In my next blog I'll break down these three boosters in more detail.

Stay healthy and safe.


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