Information About Olive Leaf Extract

Information About Olive Leaf Extract

At the beginning of winter, it seemed like everyone was coming down with something. Then the coronavirus - COVID-19 - hit the world like a freight train. Whether a pandemic flu, chronic illness, skin problems, low energy or a cold that just won’t go away, in our modern world, nobody is enjoying consistent, sustained health. Doctors and researchers have pointed to a number of factors contributing to this phenomenon: poor diet, lack of vitamin D from sunlight and newly developed superbugs that don’t respond to antibiotics, to name a few. But all of these factors contribute to the one main problem that’s keeping all of us from feeling our best every day. That problem is a weakened immune system.

In our daily lives, we encounter a number of pathogens that threaten our immune systems through the food we eat, the things we touch and the air we breathe. A strong immune system can fight these off without us even showing any symptoms, but a weakened immune system isn’t as effective. The results of a weakened system can range from cold symptoms to cold sores or, in the worst cases, contraction of an infectious disease. It’s crucial that we take steps to strengthen our immune system so that it can effectively fight off the pathogens that threaten our health. However, you don’t need expensive, laboratory-made pharmaceuticals or supplements packed with exotic, unpronounceable ingredients to successfully strengthen your immune system.

If you haven’t already gathered information about olive leaf extract or heard about the incredible health benefits, you surely will soon. What started 7000 years ago as a folk medicine tradition is now receiving recognition from doctors and research institutions worldwide. With the development of an extraction process that produces d-lenolate, a concentrated and potent formula derived from oleuropein, the olive leaf’s miracle element, olive leaf extract’s clinical application has begun producing incredible results, showing anti-inflammatory, anticancer, antimicrobial and antiviral properties. Since then, olive leaf extract has been used in supplements, topical creams, shampoos and more to cure everything from shingles to diabetes.

Applied topically, olive leaf extract has been proven to produce incredible results. In a study performed by the Louisiana State University Division of Biotechnology and Molecular Medicine, d-Lenolate Topical Plus, a d-lenolate concentrated olive leaf extract cream, was tested against Abreva and PBS for effectiveness in treating the herpes virus. The study showed very minimal results from the latter two brands, while d-Lenolate Topical Plus excelled in significantly reducing symptoms. Olive leaf extract topicals like d-Lenolate Topical Plus have been proven to prevent herpes sores from forming, soothe herpes blisters and sores and help herpes scabs heal faster than ever.

For diabetics, olive leaf extract can be a life-changing answer. Many diabetics struggle with a dependency on expensive drugs that cause crippling side effects. Those side effects require more drugs, and soon enough you’ve got a cocktail of laboratory-made chemicals pumping through your body. With olive leaf extract, diabetics can be free of this vicious cycle. Studies have shown that supplements that contain d-lenolate olive leaf extract like Bazucar can produce a 105 percent reduction in blood sugar – no insulin needed. Olive leaf extract is proving to be a natural way to regulate blood sugar levels without all of the harsh side effects of traditional diabetes treatment.

Perhaps what is most exciting and compelling information about olive leaf extract is that it is completely safe for anyone – adults, pregnant women, senior citizens, children, even pets – to take. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, olive leaf extract does not manipulate your system to mask symptoms. Rather, it simply boosts your immune system, working to help your body naturally fight off viruses and pathogens that cause a cold, the flu or any other disease. As more and more research comes out, the results continue to astound.

With flu season upon us, adding an olive leaf extract supplement into your routine is a prevention method like no other. It can keep your body from contracting the flu, or help your body fight off the flu if you’ve already fallen victim. Just one to two capsules of olive leaf extract daily will help maintain good health and improve your overall energy.

It seems unbelievable that a natural product would produce such incredible results for such a wide variety of illnesses, but medical research continues to pop up backing the proven effects of olive leaf extract. Skepticism definitely won’t heal your illness. However, gathering more information about olive leaf extract may provide the answer.

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Hi again Heather, following up on my 12 bottle order for d-Leonolate Plus. Hoping you still offer your senior discount. The new site looks good. I’ll poke around some more and make another order later. All the best, Larry Wyman

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