Does Olive Leaf Extract Speed Illness Recovery?

Does Olive Leaf Extract Speed Illness Recovery?

I recently read a paper published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information on the effects of Olive Leaf Extract (OLE) on the upper respiratory illness affecting athletes. In a nutshell, OLE was effective in speeding their recovery from upper respiratory illness, however did not significantly keep them from catching it.

That information was both compelling and confusing. How could OLE help their immune system to more rapidly fight off the illness but not protect them from getting it in the first place?

 The answer lie deeper into the comprehensive study. Apparently there were two factors contributing to the weakened immune system of the athletes. One had to do with their level of activity. Apparently when we exercise we deplete the body of key elements that contribute to a healthy immune system.

The other reason had to do with their diet, which was heavy in carbohydrates - not enough good nutrition to replenish the immune deficiency caused by the exercise. So even with the benefit of OLE, their own bodies where working against them.

In the end, I believe the paper drew the conclusion that OLE was absolutely effective in reducing the time of illness in athletes by at least 28%. And that further study would be required where they could control the diet of those in the study.

Let me know what you think.

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