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d-Lenolate® Olive Leaf Extract Topical (small 1oz)

d-Lenolate® Olive Leaf Extract Topical (small 1oz)

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d-Lenolate Olive Leaf Extract Topical

Your skin is not only the largest organ of your body, but it's also your body's protection and is the first point of contact for pretty much anything your body interacts with. So, why treat it with anything but the best? Here at East Park Research, we've come up with a unique formula that uses the patented power of top-rated olive leaf extract liquid. This small d-Lenolate topical treatment formula soothes and protects skin with a combination of highly concentrated liquid d-Lenolate and aloe vera with MSM; Vitamins A, C, and E; distilled water; and GotaKola.

Our formula is 100 percent all-natural and will leave your skin feeling revived and healthy. Using the healing power of East Park's d-Lenolate, this topical formula provides natural solutions to fight vitally every chronic skin problem, from skin inflammation to pathogens. Our d-Lenolate Topical Skin Treatment Formula penetrates to the third layer of skin and, in the presence of blood, transforms into nature's most powerful and broad-spectrum pathogen exterminator. Give your skin what it deserves with this small olive leaf extract for skin problems and discover just how good your skin can feel.

Supplement Facts

  • d-Lenolate® Topical is a natural solution for skin irritation that helps stabilize and repair skin tissue.

    Recommended Use
    It should be applied to and around the affected area with a circular motion, working it well into the skin until absorbed.

    Each application should be accompanied with at least one d-Lenolate® capsule, with at least three (3) applications per day recommended. For those already taking d-Lenolate® capsules, there is no need to take more when applying the Topical.
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